Technology Growth Explodes In 2020

Technology Is Growing At A Rapid Pace!

2020 was one of the greatest years for emerging technologies in the history of planet earth.  Technology hubs like Silicon Valley were trailblazing new frontiers like never before. In recent history, Elon Musks Tesla project was one of the biggest news items of the year. Elon’s ambition goal of creating a electric car infrastructure in the United States is starting to take shape. Even small communities are starting to see Tesla charging being installed on major roadways. 2016 was a breakout year for Snapchat as it officially became the fastest growing social network on earth. The giant technology companies were operating in high gear producing some of the greatest inventions the world has ever seen.

A young startup company has emerged as a major player in the Gaming space. It’s true, Gaming is not a new technology, but INK Games (created by Rob Towles) has put a new spin on Gaming in general by introducing a way for gamers to get paid while gaming.  It seems that not a day goes by anymore that a new game comes out on the market, so why not find a way to for gamers to make money on them. It’s obvious to anyone that as technology and gaming grows it will naturally change every aspect of our lives. In all reality, we have passed the point where ignoring technology was an option. Sure, there are still a few holdouts that refuse to buy cell phones, but the majority of people have them. Same with gaming, not everyone plays, but at some point in peoples lives, you have probably played at least one game. 

The younger generation has been fully acclimated to new tech and fully embraces any type of development regardless of the privacy or health implications it may have. Think of it this way, an iPhone has a camera on both the front and the back. When you download applications for the iPhone you are essentially giving companies permission to access your microphone, camera, location data, and who knows what else. This obvious privacy violations seems to go unnoticed amongst the youth as they run around carrying their iPhone almost everywhere they go.  In fact, studies have shown that being exposed to computers at a very young age will actually change the wiring of your brain. Plus, it has been reported that kids feel anxiety almost immediately if they don’t have their phone in their possession.  The drone industry is another area that the economy has seen rapid growth. Big companies like Amazon and Dominos Pizza have claimed they will soon be launching drone delivery.

The FAA recently announced that they will release a licensing process for commercial drone operators to get certified and fly drones professionally. To many, having millions of drones in the area is a frightening prospect. To video production companies this is a huge opportunity and opens up a brand new revenue stream. Overall, technology is a double edged sword with both good and bad qualities. It’s important that as a society we have a debate about whether a technology is good or bad before it gets rolled out into the public. Unfortunately, I don’t hear many people having these types of discussions in the media or anywhere else. A few years ago people would think it was crazy to have a video camera potentially recording you every single second of the day. Now, people take cell phones with multiple cameras into the bathroom, bedroom, and anywhere else.

At the end of the day, it’s important to think critically about what the future will hold if we don’t direct technology to serve us instead of enslave us.

If you would like to learn more about Rob Towles and his company INK Games, you can visit him on his personal website:

Pokemon Go Is Going Global

2016 really is turning into a repeat of the golden years of the 1990s. Retro music, fashion, and gaming are all back in style. The latest example of the past coming in full force is the release of the game Pokemon Go.

Available for both Android and iOS systems, Pokemon Go has swiftly topped the charts and become a full on cultural phenomenon. The game gives children of the 90s and fans of Pokemon around the world the ability to live out their childhood fantasies and become a trainer of the imaginary creatures known as Pokemon.

The premise of the game is simple: a user creates their avatar and goathers materials to catch and train Pokemon.. Materials are gathered from Pokestops located in landmarks around the world. Pokemon appear in location that correspond to their type; water Pokemon are more likely to pop up around the ocean, whereas ghost Pokemon are more often seen at night.

When a trainer reaches level 5, they have the chance to join a team. The three teams are Valor, Mystic, and Instinct, and each has a different philosophy on how Pokemon are trained. Once a trainer joins a team, they may battle other Pokemon and claim rewards for controlling a gym.

Though the game is wildly popular, it is still only in its early stages. The parent company, Niantic, has many more elements it wishes to roll out to make the game more interactive and dynamic. For example, they hope to soon introduce the ability to trade Pokemon between trainers, and engage in battles outside of gyms. They are adding new graphics and tweaking systems that allow users to track Pokemon in their area.

The game has had many benefits, intentional or not. Because Pokemon exist in specific geographic locations, users are required to walk around in order to find them. This has lead to an increase in exercise and overall health. Additionally, users who suffer social anxiety have become more engaged in their community, met knew friends, and in general come out of their shell.

However, there are some risks associated with the game. There is an object called a “lure” that attracts Pokemon to a specified location for 30 minutes. While most of the time trainers gather for friendly Pokemon hunting at these spots, some criminals have been using them to attract potential victims. A few unlucky trainers have indeed been robbed using this tactic. People wish to steal Pokemon Go accounts that are at a high level or have a large number of Pokemon in order to resell them at a high price.

On a larger scale, the hunt for particularly rare Pokemon has even caused riots and stampedes in certain locations. There are also Pokemon that appear at war memorials or in insensitive locations, and law enforcement have attempted to stop players from intruding in their quest to collect all the creatures. But it doesn’t seem to be working, and statues of Pokemon have been popping up around the globe.

It is clear Pokemon Go is more than just a fad. It is a sensation spreading joy and nostalgia around the world, and despite the risks, has been a positive influence on society.

Rob Towles Heads Up New INK Games Company


INK Games Explodes Into the Gaming Market

INK Games CEO Rob Towles has taken his skills as a game developer and started a revolution that could change the gaming industry as a whole forever. 

Imagine sitting down to play your favorite video game and getting paid for it. Yes, we all know that many lucky gamers are already doing this, but those current gamers are few and far between. Only the best of the best are making a living at playing games. But what if you could help the everyday gamer make money? Sounds too good to be true right?….Maybe not….

In steps Rob and INK Games challenges the current model of gaming in general by rewarding gamers for their viral influence and social connections. Every time a follower of yours makes a transaction, YOU get paid.

INK Games has ‘gamified’ their platform build that will include you in future gaming revenue streams as well. They have created something very unique called “INK Zip Codes” which are digital assets. These zip codes will span across the entire world in digital form. These valuable Zip Codes allow gamers to be a part of the new build they have going on. They will be paying real money out on all zip code sales that are referred. When anyone signs up through your unique INK ID and buys something, you get paid for it.

The implications of this are pretty cool. Just wrapping your head around the idea can be a little mind boggling to be honest. With that aside, the concept alone is more than intriguing to anyone in the gaming industry. Even in passing chatter about it, you can see eyes start to widen and questions start to fly.

Below is a great recent interview with Rob Towles on just this:

Final Thoughts

This is exciting if you are a gamer. I myself am excited just writing the article. Zip codes are selling and even famous celebrities are looking to get involved with the growing giant.

Check our INK Games for more info on making money with gaming.

How To Prepare and Survive A Nuclear War

Can You Survive A Nuclear War?

At one time or another, most people have thought about what would happen if there was a nuclear war. As scary as the scenario is, there are way to prepare and survive. The first decision you must make is whether or not the place you are currently living can be equipped for a nuclear war. The ideal scenario is a thick shelter made of steel. A nuclear detonation will result in the release of radiation. The thicker the walls of your shelter, the more radiation you will be able to block. Steel is ideal because it has the capacity to block almost if not all of the radiation if constructed properly. When reinforced with bricks and sand it becomes the best possible scenario. Be certain your roof is strong enough to handle the fall out from the blast.

If you are unable to build a shelter due to time constraints, a basement or storage cellar can be adapted as a shelter. Get bricks if at all possible and use them combined with sand and mortar to increase the efficiency of your shelter. Use the bricks to completely block all windows as the glass will not keep out the radiation. Sand has the density to seal up any cracks in the walls. Remember you must move quickly because there may not be much time left.

If you should decide to change locations, be sure you have enough time to get where you want to be. Panic will ensue, there will be mobs, violence and fear. The streets will most likely be closed and you may be stuck out in the open where you do not want to be. Do not change locations unless absolutely necessary and be prepared for the worst if you do.

Skilled Survivor Training

Since you do not know how long you will be forced to stay in your shelter, water becomes imperative. Use everyone who will be in the shelter with you to collect bottles of clean water. Find buckets, containers, anything that will hold water and fill them. Without fresh water, sickness, disease and death will follow. Stock your shelter with as much water as you possibly can.

Once you have finished with the water, it is time to stock food. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables, canned good, protein bars and anything that is not perishable are all excellent choices. Nuts are high in proteins and nutrients and do not take up much space. Put more food than you think you will need in your shelter.

As electricity and gas will most likely be knocked out with the massive explosions, you will not have any heat. Thick blankets, coats, sweaters, anything that will keep you warm must be in that shelter with you. All the food and water in the world will not do you any good if you end up freezing to death.

Bring as many batteries as you can. A battery operated radio may help you know what is happening in the world around you and when it becomes safe to come out. Radiation starts out incredibly strong but starts to fade with every hour that passes. Do not leave your shelter until you are certain the levels are tolerable. Flashlights will also come in extremely handy. Any small battery operated device that will aid in your comfort and survival should be brought into your shelter.

Bathroom facilities must be provided. Anything you can find. Buckets, trash cans, large containers, all preferably with some type of lid. Bring down a lot of bleach to keep it as sanitary as possible. Having toilet paper helps as does using a blanket as a type of privacy barrier. You may be here for quite some time. Stock your shelter to the best of your abilities.

If at all possible, bring your small family pets with you along with all the dry food you can acquire for them. They will not survive outside and it is cruel to release them knowing they will die. Remember you are responsible for the safety of your family and proceed accordingly. Their lives depend on you.

Different Types Of Saws And Their Makers


We take a look at some of the different saws used for everything from construction to timber milling and some of the manufactures. 

Chop saws are almost always scary when you’re doing detailed work. Those saws will endure for a very long time and they’re also equally handy. They are made from the highest quality of vanadium chrome materials. Circular saws are among the most frequent tools. Cordless circular saws are generally left-handed too.

In spite of hand tools, it is necessary to be sure you aren’t likely to saw through something electrical or nail in your hand. Power saws are excellent for cutting plywood. The miter saws are extremely significant for several kinds of woodworking activities. The sliding compound saws are normally similar with the normal compound saws but they’re in a position to cut bigger sheets of wood as the saw could possibly be dragged forward to make bigger parts of wood. One other great thing with Jet table saws is they are very simple to assemble.

If you’re ripping long parts of plywood, a skilsaw is going to be the perfect tool for the job. For example, cutting a massive slice of lumber by means of a handsaw will take you hours even when you have a couple of people helping you. When the cut begins, it can be beneficial to install tiny wedges in the kerf supporting the saw. Each material cut is going to have some special characteristics which need to be taken into consideration.

Typically as a blade starts to dull, the cutting time will start to demonstrate a substantial increase. It can likewise be placed near the blade. Additionally, a dull blade is not going to cut efficiently. As with the majority of saws, picking the right blade is a significant portion of working with the tool successfully.

There are many other custom saws major companies use on a daily basis. One of these custom saws is called a paper roll saw. Companies like Pacific Trail Manufacturing make these saws specially for each customer to help aid them.

The sort of wood has become the most crucial factor to be thought about while designing a plan for a picnic table. Alternatively, you should safeguard your wood with some kind of film finish. Green wood should cure three or more months.

chainsaw-lumberWhen the woodworker owns a chainsaw lumber-maker, he won’t ever need to purchase lumber again. If you’re an expert woodworker, but this may not be what you will need. Actually, many woodworkers spend a lengthy time (years!) The workbench has become the most significant thing for virtually any woodworker. A workbench makes things far easier.

The mill is truly merely a guide, thus you are only restricted by your ingenuity in regards to ways it can be used. Access to woods you simply don’t see coming from a normal mill. The mill may be used in a lot of ways. The chainsaw mill isn’t the only sort of portable sawmill.

A sawmill will create rough cut usable lumber people want. It is possible to even use it in order to carry lumber. The lumber came in a major pack wrapped in wire ties. It is possible to cut any sort of lumber with this kind of piercing accessories.

Reclaimed products are really eco-friendly, and you’re likely to be a sizable portion of preserving our environment for a while to come. It’s essential that you use the correct safety equipment with these cutters since they might be dangerous.

If you need a custom saw for a project or even for a custom mill job, I would consider contacting Pacific Trail or just visit them on their official Facebook page here:

Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Change Your World?


Imagine a world where you could create and control your own reality. A world where what you thought about in your mind would eventually manifest itself in the most convenient and appropriate form possible. What if I told you that such a world exists now and you just don’t know it?

The truth is, the rich and powerful have been using this simple technique for thousands of years to create anything they desire in life. Yes, you heard me correctly, by using the law you can create anything you desire. Now, some people will find this too hard to believe and immediately shrug it off and go back to their normal lives. With that said, for some people this simple concept will ignite a fire inside them and give them the knowledge and spark they need to create their true destiny.

I was 25 when I was first introduced to the self-improvement teacher Bob Proctor. Bored with much of the material I was being taught in school, I decided to search the internet for alternative theories that questioned the narrative I was being taught. Now, this narrative was being taught by the school system, and then backed up and reinforced by the media and pop culture. Although I was in the process of being brainwashed, I always knew something wasn’t right. Whenever you have a system that doesn’t encourage diversity of thought and expression you know they are trying to hide something.

While listening to self-help teachers on YouTube I stumbled into a video by Bob Proctor. Bob is one of the leader in the self-improvement field and has been teaching people about the Law of Attraction for decades. During this video, Bob explained the law of attraction and how you could use it to change your life. At first I felt this was too good to be true, but I picked up on the fact that Bob was 100% confident in what he was teaching. As a very wealthy man, he must have done something right to make such a large sum of money so I knew he wasn’t stupid.

The hardest part to grasp was the fact that what Bob was teaching me was radically different than everything I had learned up to that point. Nowhere in school were we ever taught that our thinking created our reality. In fact, just the opposite we were taught to think whatever you want, and only your actions will determine your destiny. Therefore, many peoples minds were constantly full of irrelevant and harmful information that in no way served their self interest.

In the schooling system I quickly learned that the teachers didn’t wanted spirited debate and critical thinking, instead opting for obedience and silence. After watching my first Bob Proctor video I felt an overwhelming rush of electric energy running through my body. The concept of the law of attraction was something I always knew existed, but I had been brainwashed by a system that was intent on dumbing me down. As I began learning and implementing the law of attraction principles I started to notice small and incremental changes in my life. At first changing my thinking patterns was very difficult, but as I started to gain momentum as I started to see changes happen. These changes then start a self fulfilling prophecy where your growth actually execrates even quicker and effortlessly.

In a recent interview Bob Proctor spoke on the fact that he doesn’t even have to try to earn money anymore, and instead money simply flows into him from multiple sources. Bob has mastered the law of attraction and now is reaping incredible rewards because of it. If you want to accomplish more in life then you need to change the way you think first. The law of attraction states that your thinking controls your reality, so start changing your thinking today.

To learn more about the law of attraction, there is a free 30-day course we found at: They provide a great service and are personally trained by Bob himself and help pass on the knowledge.