Technology Growth Explodes In 2016

Technology Is Growing At A Rapid Pace!

2016 was one of the greatest years for emerging technologies in the history of planet earth.  Technology hubs like Silicon Valley were trailblazing new frontiers like never before. In recent history, Elon Musks Tesla project was one of the biggest news items of the year. Elon’s ambition goal of creating a electric car infrastructure in the United States is starting to take shape. Even small communities are starting to see Tesla charging being installed on major roadways. 2016 was also a breakout year for Snapchat as it officially became the fastest growing social network on earth. The giant technology companies were operating in high gear producing some of the greatest inventions the world has ever seen.

In the shadow of Mt Bachelor a young startup company named SmashFund has emerged as a major player in the crowdfunding space. It’s true, crowdfunding is not a new technology, but SmashFund (created by Rob Towles) has put a new spin on crowdfunding by introducing the world’s first social crowdfunding network.  It seems that not a day goes by anymore that a new breakout technology revolutionizes our lives. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that as technology grows it will naturally change every aspect of our lives. In all reality, we have passed the point where ignoring technology was an option. Sure, there a still a few holdouts that refuse to buy cell phones, but the majority of people have them.

The younger generation has been fully acclimated to new tech and fully embraces any type of development regardless of the privacy or health implications it may have. Think of it this way, an iPhone has a camera on both the front and the back. When you download applications for the iPhone you are essentially giving companies permission to access your microphone, camera, location data, and who knows what else. This obvious privacy violations seems to go unnoticed amongst the youth as they run around carrying their iPhone almost everywhere they go.  In fact, studies have shown that being exposed to computers at a very young age will actually change the wiring of your brain. Plus, it has been reported that kids feel anxiety almost immediately if they don’t have their phone in their possession.  The drone industry is another area that the economy has seen rapid growth. Big companies like Amazon and Dominos Pizza have claimed they will soon be launching drone delivery.

The FAA recently announced that they will release a licensing process for commercial drone operators to get certified and fly drones professionally. To many, having millions of drones in the area is a frightening prospect. To video production companies this is a huge opportunity and opens up a brand new revenue stream. Overall, technology is a double edged sword with both good and bad qualities. It’s important that as a society we have a debate about whether a technology is good or bad before it gets rolled out into the public. Unfortunately, I don’t hear many people having these types of discussions in the media or anywhere else. A few years ago people would think it was crazy to have a video camera potentially recording you every single second of the day. Now, people take cell phones with multiple cameras into the bathroom, bedroom, and anywhere else.

At the end of the day, it’s important to think critically about what the future will hold if we don’t direct technology to serve us instead of enslave us.

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