How To Prepare and Survive A Nuclear War

Can You Survive A Nuclear War?

At one time or another, most people have thought about what would happen if there was a nuclear war. As scary as the scenario is, there are way to prepare and survive. The first decision you must make is whether or not the place you are currently living can be equipped for a nuclear war. The ideal scenario is a thick shelter made of steel. A nuclear detonation will result in the release of radiation. The thicker the walls of your shelter, the more radiation you will be able to block. Steel is ideal because it has the capacity to block almost if not all of the radiation if constructed properly. When reinforced with bricks and sand it becomes the best possible scenario. Be certain your roof is strong enough to handle the fall out from the blast.

If you are unable to build a shelter due to time constraints, a basement or storage cellar can be adapted as a shelter. Get bricks if at all possible and use them combined with sand and mortar to increase the efficiency of your shelter. Use the bricks to completely block all windows as the glass will not keep out the radiation. Sand has the density to seal up any cracks in the walls. Remember you must move quickly because there may not be much time left.

If you should decide to change locations, be sure you have enough time to get where you want to be. Panic will ensue, there will be mobs, violence and fear. The streets will most likely be closed and you may be stuck out in the open where you do not want to be. Do not change locations unless absolutely necessary and be prepared for the worst if you do.

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Since you do not know how long you will be forced to stay in your shelter, water becomes imperative. Use everyone who will be in the shelter with you to collect bottles of clean water. Find buckets, containers, anything that will hold water and fill them. Without fresh water, sickness, disease and death will follow. Stock your shelter with as much water as you possibly can.

Once you have finished with the water, it is time to stock food. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables, canned good, protein bars and anything that is not perishable are all excellent choices. Nuts are high in proteins and nutrients and do not take up much space. Put more food than you think you will need in your shelter.

As electricity and gas will most likely be knocked out with the massive explosions, you will not have any heat. Thick blankets, coats, sweaters, anything that will keep you warm must be in that shelter with you. All the food and water in the world will not do you any good if you end up freezing to death.

Bring as many batteries as you can. A battery operated radio may help you know what is happening in the world around you and when it becomes safe to come out. Radiation starts out incredibly strong but starts to fade with every hour that passes. Do not leave your shelter until you are certain the levels are tolerable. Flashlights will also come in extremely handy. Any small battery operated device that will aid in your comfort and survival should be brought into your shelter.

Bathroom facilities must be provided. Anything you can find. Buckets, trash cans, large containers, all preferably with some type of lid. Bring down a lot of bleach to keep it as sanitary as possible. Having toilet paper helps as does using a blanket as a type of privacy barrier. You may be here for quite some time. Stock your shelter to the best of your abilities.

If at all possible, bring your small family pets with you along with all the dry food you can acquire for them. They will not survive outside and it is cruel to release them knowing they will die. Remember you are responsible for the safety of your family and proceed accordingly. Their lives depend on you.

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