NFL Scandal

Redemption, controversy, and scandal, the NFL has it all

Are you ready for some football? The kick off to the 2016 NFL season is on the 8th of September. And what a kickoff it will be. All eyes will be on Sports Authority Field to watch the rematch between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos delivered a defensive beating to the Panthers in the Super Bowl. Undoubtedly, the Panthers will be coming to the mile-high city in search of redemption. Before the reigning champions can focus on the game, they have to put an end to their quarterback controversy.

Offseason would not be complete without a spicy quarterback controversy. The Broncos chose not to sign Brock Osweiler in the offseason. The decision left analysts and fans shocked. Instead, General Manager John Elway picked up Mark Sanchez. The acquisition of Sanchez caused quite a stir in Denver. Fans were dumbfounded over the decision. After the baffling move, the team then drafted rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch. Bronco fans were delighted with the decision and thought their quarterback woes were over. But they were in for a rude awakening. The team announced that the starting position was up for grabs. Sanchez, third-string quarterback Trevor Siemian, and Lynch would all be competing for the position. Sanchez held the starting position going into the first preseason game. However, after a poor performance during the second game, he lost the job. Both Siemian and Lynch played well in the second game, but Siemian earned the start for game three. There’s been no talk of Lynch starting in any game. Head coach Gary Kubiak hasn’t made a final decision yet, so the controversy rages on.

The off-season is a time to scrutinize the rookies. This year one rookie is causing quite a stir. Joey Bosa, a defensive end out of Ohio State, has been impressive in rookie training camp. But it’s his contract negotiations that are drawing attention. The dispute between Bosa and the San Diego Chargers is all about money. The San Diego Chargers offered Bosa a signing bonus of 17 million dollars which would be paid out over time. The contract also included an offset clause. The offset stipulation would allow the Chargers to release Bosa from the contract without paying any guaranteed money. Bosa rejected the deal and countered with his own offer. Bosa is willing to accept deferred payment of the signing bonus if there is no offset clause. Bosa offered to sign a contract with an offset clause if his signing bonus was paid in 2016. After reaching an impasse with the rookie the Chargers took to twitter to express their frustration. Bosa’s camp was quick to respond and negotiations have now come to a halt.

Scandals are always newsworthy and ones that involve the New England Patriots are juicy. This year we see the resurgence of the deflategate scandal. The NFL has not forgotten Tom Brady’s involvement in deflategate. Last year Brady escaped disciplinary actions for his part in the scandal, but this year he had no such luck. Brady will serve a four-game suspension and return in time to face the Cleveland Browns in week five. Football fans love to hate him and now they think justice has been served. Oh, the drama!

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