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Your iPhone and iPad aren’t encrypting email attachments, according to a German researcher. Apple says it encrypts email attachments you receive on your iPhone or iPad — but it doesn’t, according to a security researcher. German …

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(IDG) — X10 Corporation has done it again. It’s given one of its older products a new purpose in life. First it was DVD Anywhere; now it’s MP3 Anywhere. The idea behind any of these products is to combine the musical capabilities of …

Well, Netscape works somewhat the same way. It’s an engine, that searches worldwide on the internet, among all the available databases, and brings back what you asked for. At Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Associate …

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We live with our noses buried in our smartphones, so it’s perfectly normal to get excited about a new operating system. Apple (AAPL) releases the latest version of its iOS mobile operating system on Wednesday. iOS 9 was first announced …

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