Can You Use The Law Of Attraction To Change Your World?


Imagine a world where you could create and control your own reality. A world where what you thought about in your mind would eventually manifest itself in the most convenient and appropriate form possible. What if I told you that such a world exists now and you just don’t know it?

The truth is, the rich and powerful have been using this simple technique for thousands of years to create anything they desire in life. Yes, you heard me correctly, by using the law you can create anything you desire. Now, some people will find this too hard to believe and immediately shrug it off and go back to their normal lives. With that said, for some people this simple concept will ignite a fire inside them and give them the knowledge and spark they need to create their true destiny.

I was 25 when I was first introduced to the self-improvement teacher Bob Proctor. Bored with much of the material I was being taught in school, I decided to search the internet for alternative theories that questioned the narrative I was being taught. Now, this narrative was being taught by the school system, and then backed up and reinforced by the media and pop culture. Although I was in the process of being brainwashed, I always knew something wasn’t right. Whenever you have a system that doesn’t encourage diversity of thought and expression you know they are trying to hide something.

While listening to self-help teachers on YouTube I stumbled into a video by Bob Proctor. Bob is one of the leader in the self-improvement field and has been teaching people about the Law of Attraction for decades. During this video, Bob explained the law of attraction and how you could use it to change your life. At first I felt this was too good to be true, but I picked up on the fact that Bob was 100% confident in what he was teaching. As a very wealthy man, he must have done something right to make such a large sum of money so I knew he wasn’t stupid.

The hardest part to grasp was the fact that what Bob was teaching me was radically different than everything I had learned up to that point. Nowhere in school were we ever taught that our thinking created our reality. In fact, just the opposite we were taught to think whatever you want, and only your actions will determine your destiny. Therefore, many peoples minds were constantly full of irrelevant and harmful information that in no way served their self interest.

In the schooling system I quickly learned that the teachers didn’t wanted spirited debate and critical thinking, instead opting for obedience and silence. After watching my first Bob Proctor video I felt an overwhelming rush of electric energy running through my body. The concept of the law of attraction was something I always knew existed, but I had been brainwashed by a system that was intent on dumbing me down. As I began learning and implementing the law of attraction principles I started to notice small and incremental changes in my life. At first changing my thinking patterns was very difficult, but as I started to gain momentum as I started to see changes happen. These changes then start a self fulfilling prophecy where your growth actually execrates even quicker and effortlessly.

In a recent interview Bob Proctor spoke on the fact that he doesn’t even have to try to earn money anymore, and instead money simply flows into him from multiple sources. Bob has mastered the law of attraction and now is reaping incredible rewards because of it. If you want to accomplish more in life then you need to change the way you think first. The law of attraction states that your thinking controls your reality, so start changing your thinking today.

To learn more about the law of attraction, there is a free 30-day course we found at: They provide a great service and are personally trained by Bob himself and help pass on the knowledge.

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